Steel work/ Hot tap connections & steel pipeline connections

Steel Work

We undertake specialist gas riser and gas manifold design and construction specifically for delivering gas infrastructure solutions for flatted properties. We know what it takes to deliver consistent gas capacity, gas loads and pressure to all properties whilst ensuring stringent safety and compliance standards achieved.

Hot Tap Connections & Steel Pipeline Installation Works

In-service pipeline welding requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and expertise to be completed safely and cost-effectively. Improper execution of welding can present any number of risks that can compromise the integrity of the pipeline, as well as the safety of the people and environment around it. CM Utilities Group has provided pipeline owners and operators with the manpower and resources they need to safely and efficiently perform in-service welding to install fittings in preparation for tie-ins, extensions, bypasses and main relocations. All qualified welders undergo extensive classroom and field training, and are qualified to perform in-service welding on a variety of materials carrying a wide range of products. Welding full-encirclement fittings in preparation for hot tapping and plugging operations.


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